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Take Root provides urban residents the opportunity to learn about the importance of a healthy tree canopy, how to choose the best tree for their property, and proper tree planting and care techniques. From start to finish, Take Root supports community engagement, promotes educational workshops, and offers low to no-cost urban tree planting.

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Now in Partnership with York Region

The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) is committed to promoting planting native species to help ensure a sustainable environment for future generations. One action identified in York Region's Greening Strategy is to pilot a Region-wide native tree, shrub and plant sale which led to the Take Root program in collaboration with Forests Ontario, York Region is partnering with Take Root to offer residents the opportunity to purchase native trees and perennial wildflower kits at a reduced cost.

Second year with City of Guelph

In collaboration with the City of Guelph and Trees for Guelph, residents can now learn about which trees are best for their property as well as find out how to properly plant them. Take Root equips residents with care tips for the ongoing maintenance of their local trees, trees that are as much a part of their community as those who plant them.

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